Supercup 2021
DFL Digital Sports GmbH

We want to create excitement for the Supercup 2021 by spreading the message that “Supercup is coming to town” using graphic analogies to posters announcing boxing fights, events or fairs. Our aim is to bring joy to the (local) people even in case they cannot attend the event itself. As Supercup is held in different locations from year to year we intend to play with local pride by highlighting host city’s skyline, the trophy, key players from both clubs, all in colors of the opponents playing.




Client: DFL Germany

Creative Director: Thomas Markert

Head of Creative Services: Juan Pablo Kessler


Creative & Design Director: Mauro Zinni

Graphic Design & 2D Animation: Diego Troiano

3D Animation: Lionel Wainsztok

Photo Retouching: Federico Dell’Albani

Editing: IC Post

Music & Sound: Pomeranec

All work is owned by DFL Digital Sports GmbH.